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Advantages for Issuers

Attract new investors

Through SDG pro, you gain exclusive and targeted access to a broad network of active institutional investors with sustainable investment interests.

Digitally structure and place bond issues 

Benefit directly from our digital tools throughout the entire issuance process: from the digital creation of term sheets for bond documentation to digital placement processing and active investor targeting.

Efficient and transparent placement process

Gain full control and transparency of the entire placement process through a real-time order book, uncomplicated exchange of settlement details and automatic instruction of the paying agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

SDG pro presents the easiest way for issuers to place their bond as soon as possible and to attract new institutional investors.

To qualify for issuing a sustainable bond, a company should meet the following criteria:

 - Business activities with a positive impact on at least one of

   the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

 - minimum financing volume of EUR 10 million

 - ideally EBITDA positive

 - appropriate equity ratio

 - at least a 3 year company history 

 - willingness to communicate transparently with capital

   market participants

On the  SDG INVESTMENTS Matching Platform, investors are provided with targeted information on a wide range of sustainable investment opportunities according to their filed investment criteria. These include investment funds, direct investments in companies and projects, start-up investments and SME financing via loans or bonds. Investments can then be made in dialog with our customer advisors and project managers.

SDG INVESTMENTS pro extends this service with a digital order book for sustainable bonds. Here, investors are able to interact directly with the issuers and the SDG Broker. Investments can be made in an efficient dialogue via the SDG pro platform.

In addition to investment opportunities in new issues, SDG pro gives investors access to a secondary market for sustainable bonds. Here, existing positions can be sold or available and already issued bonds can be purchased. For this purpose, we have expanded our service to include a brokerage service specialising in sustainable bonds.

Issuers can use the SDG pro platform if they enter into a distribution agreement with SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH for the respective bond.

The use and processing of your data are in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, the data provided can only be viewed by you in your dashboard with your individual log-in, and by SDG INVESTMENTS. The data will not be shared, nor will it be visible to third parties.