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Advantages for Investors

Sustainable bond issues digitally investable

Benefit from our broad selection of sustainable bonds and the efficient digital investment option.

Individual dashboard for seamless management of your portfolio

Upon request, SGD pro integrates your portfolio to the platform, creating a digital and convenient place to manage all sustainable bond positions.

Increased liquidity for sustainable bonds

SDG pro allows you to benefit from increased liquidity in sustainable bonds via our secondary market service.

Frequently Asked Questions

With SDG pro, investors benefit from a one-stop shop for sustainable bond issues paired with efficient digital tools for the management and settlement of transactions. The service also provides investors access to the secondary market through SDG pro’s specialized brokerage service for sustainable bonds. Existing positions in the portfolio can be sold or purchased from other investors, and thereby benefit from increased liquidity in this market segment.

You must be a professional or institutional investor to register on SDG pro. SDG INVESTMENTS will verify whether you fall into this category during the registration process.

The SDG INVESTMENTS Matching Platform provides investors with targeted information on a wide range of sustainable investment opportunities according to their investment criteria. These include investment funds, direct investments in companies and projects, start-up investments and SME financing via loans or bonds. Investments are facilitated in dialog with our investor relationship management.

SDG INVESTMENTS pro extends this service with a digital order book for sustainable bonds. Here, investors are able to interact directly with the issuers and the SDG Broker. Investments can be made in an efficient dialogue via the SDG pro platform.

In addition to investment opportunities in new issues, SDG pro gives investors access to a secondary market for sustainable bonds. Here, existing positions can be sold or available and already issued bonds can be purchased. For this purpose, we have expanded our service to include a brokerage service specialising in sustainable bonds.

Access to SDG pro is free of charge for investors.

The use and processing of your data are in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, the data provided can only be viewed by you in your dashboard with your individual log-in, and by SDG INVESTMENTS. The data will not be shared, nor will it be visible to third parties.