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SDG INVESTMENTS® is a matching platform for financial instruments and investment products which contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Professional and institutional investors are able to find sustainable investments on the platform which meet their individual selection criteria. Registration on the platform allows project initiators and issuers of such investments  to obtain access to relevant investors. SDG INVESTMENTS® therefore increases both the transparency and efficiency during the selection and investment process for the growing asset class of sustainable investments.

SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH was founded in September 2017 as a spin-off from AHP Capital Management GmbH. At this point AHP Capital Management GmbH already structured several investment products with a sustainability focus. The implementation of the SDG INVESTMENTS® Platform was a logical next step in order to bridge the gap between investors seeking sustainable investments and project initiators seeking funding.

To ensure that all projects on the SDG INVESTMENTS® platform are strictly SDG relevant we apply a dual approach. In addition to a financial feasibility analysis our selection process includes an assessment of the SDG impact undertaken by the research agency imug Rating GmbH.

Professional team with a broad track record

Frank Ackermann

Managing Partner
Strategy and Product Structuring

Founder and Managing Partner of AHP Capital Management GmbH and founder of the SDG INVESTMENTS® platform. Over 38 years of experience in various managerial and specialist positions at international commercial and investment banks (ABN Amro, Commerzbank, Cantor Fitzgerald, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bankgesellschaft Berlin) in Frankfurt and London). Structuring and sales of complex credit-related investment products for institutional investors. Initiator of innovative financial products for the fast growing sharing economy and impact investment sector.

Tel.: +49 (69) 2475 19686

Email: frank.ackermann@sdg-investments.com

Lars Hunsche

Managing Partner
Origination and Distribution

Co-Founder of the SDG INVESTMENTS® platform. Joined AHP Capital Management GmbH in 2015. Senior positions from 2008 through 2015 at Moody’s Analytics in Frankfurt. From 2013 until 2015 General Manager of Moody’s Analytics with Europe wide sales responsibility for Moody’s Credit Edge®, the leading quantitative tool to assess credit risk. Prior to Moody’s Analytics product specialist at KMV in San Francisco and London. Extensive sales experience with large institutional investors throughout Europe.

Tel.: +49 (69) 2475 19688

Email: lars.hunsche@sdg-investments.com

Dr. Stefan Bund

Strategy, Internationalisation, Acquisition

Partner SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH. More than 20 years of executive and senior management experience at international commercial banks, rating agencies and service providers (executive board Scope Ratings AG, CEO Scope Risk Solutions, Managing Director WestLB, Managing Director Fitch Ratings, Vice President Landesbank Baden-Württemberg). Origination, structuring, marketing, investment and risk analysis of structured finance and alternative investment products. Broad international experience with placements in London, New York, Tokyo and Frankfurt. Doctoral degree in business and economics, Harvard Business School alumnus and lecturer at various universities in Germany and abroad.

Tel.: +49 (69) 2475 196810

Email: stefan.bund@sdg-investments.com

Toni Phan

Director, Corporate Finance

Has more than 10 years of experience in corporate finance and strategy consulting. Under the umbrella of the french-german financial group Oddo, Toni Phan structured debt products for almost seven years with a strong focus on bonds for SME companies. He advised on securities issues of both unlisted and listed companies up to MDAX issuers. He also worked as a strategy consultant for the renowned consulting company Accenture, for which he mainly advised blue chips in the financial services sector, with specialisation in capital markets.

Tel.: +49 (69) 2475 196811

E-Mail: toni.phan@sdg-investments.com

Florian Jaksch

Head of Business Development

Florian is Head of Business Development at SDG INVESMENT, he is, among others, responsible for managing collaborations with business partners, platform development and he supports the placement process. Over the past 10+ years he held various managerial and specialist positions at financial services firms, digital firms and SMEs in Germany and the UK (including Rocket Internet, N3XTCODER, Jensen Capital Partners and JRJ Group). His focus was on driving growth initiatives, acquiring financing, venture building, digital product development and distribution of financial products. Florian holds a degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of York.

Tel.: +49 (69) 2475 196815

E-Mail: florian.jaksch@sdg-investments.com

Simon Zekarias

Digital Platform Manager

Starting as Assistant Project Analyst in 2019, Simon Zekarias now is the SDG INVESTMENTS® Digital Platform Manager. In addition to the technical management and further development of the SDG INVESTMENTS® platform, he is also responsible for data analysis, communication and IT administration. Previously, Simon Zekarias was Junior Portfolio Manager and Sustainability Analyst at ESG Portfolio Management, responsible for conducting sustainability assessments and the development of SDG impact reporting.

Tel.: +49 69 2475 19685

E-Mail: simon.zekarias@sdg-investments.com

Evgeniya Belyaeva

Marketing Manager

Evgeniya Belyaeva joined the SDG INVESTMENTS team in February 2022. She is working in the Berlin office and is responsible for supporting and moving forward all the marketing activities of SDG INVESTMENTS. In addition to online marketing and content creation, she is also responsible for event management and social media marketing. Previously, Evgeniya Belyaeva worked as a marketing manager at SCHNEIDER GROUP and owc Foreign Trade Publishing House.

Tel.: +49 69 2475 196814

E-Mail: evgeniya.belyaeva@sdg-investments.com

Petra Henning

Office Manager

Through her long-time experience as an assistant to senior management and head of department in major international banks (including Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Barclays Bank) she skilfully contributes to administrative activities at both AHP Capital Management GmbH and SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH. As one of the first employees, she has had a lasting influence on the success course of the companies.

Tel.: +49 69 2475 19685

E-Mail: petra.henning@sdg-investments.com

Leonard Gaiser


Since February 2022, Leonard has been working in the role of Assistant Project Analyst and supports the Corporate Finance Team at SDG INVESTMENTS. In spring 2021, he successfully completed his bachelor's degree in Economics & Business Administration at Goethe University Frankfurt. He was already able to gain initial experience during his studies by writing several papers on the topic of sustainability in the financial sector.

E-Mail: leonard.gaiser@sdg-investments.com

Klaus Bolzendahl


Over 40 years experience in the banking business with various positions in various companies of the savings bank organisation. Graduated savings bank business economist with focus on retail business as executive for product development, marketing, e-business & internet, business development and back office, as well as project manager for various major projects. Most recently, since 2012, involved in the establishment of the Start-Up S-Kreditpartner GmbH Berlin. Since May 2019 in partial retirement in search of new challenging fields of activity with focus on social and voluntary work. Contacts with associations, banks and savings banks, authorities and other economic institutions, combined with extensive experience in presentation and networking, are brought to Berlin to serve as the first point of contact and interest mediator for SDG Investments.

E-Mail: klaus.bolzendahl@sdg-investments.com

Luca Franke, CFA

Corporate Finance Project Manager

Since 2021 Luca Franke supports the team of SDG INVESTMENTS as a Corporate Finance Project Manager. He is responsible for the analysis, structuring and monitoring of projects. Prior to joining SDG INVESTMENTS, Luca worked as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. With a focus on Corporate Finance & Strategy, Luca advised large-cap transactions and acquisitions on the sell- and buy-side for corporate clients and private equity funds.

Tel.: +49 (69) 2475 19689

E-Mail: luca.franke@sdg-investments.com