Three Questions for Frank Ackermann

In the rubric "Three Questions for", we ask one of our colleagues three short questions about importance of sustainability: in the financial industry and at SDG INVESTMENTS. This time we talk to Frankn Ackermann, Managing Partner SDG INVESTMENTS.


Where do you see the biggest risks for companies that have not yet put sustainability on their agenda?

Not having the topic of sustainability - for the own company's structure but also for the company's range of services and products - on the agenda can become a question of existence. Due to the increased awareness of customers, they will vote with their feet in time. A company, for which sustainability is not an issue, will lose customers and with that market share. And this applies to all industries.

The SDGs were developed in such a way that they often address a concrete problem that has a negative effect on the world in terms of sustainability. If you could solve one problem related to the SDGs right now, what would it be and why?
For me, the most desirable goal would be the complete conversion of energy production to renewable energy and the complete conversion of energy consumption to electricity-driven aggregates. This would solve the finite nature of energy resources. At the same time, CO2 production would be drastically reduced and thus - hopefully - further global warming and the resulting negative consequences would be halted.

You have the choice between never again buying new technology or never again buying new clothes. Which do you choose and why?
This question addresses the issue of the throw-away society. I am generally of the opinion that necessary things in life should be produced in such a way that they are durable and repairable. And when a replacement becomes necessary, it doesn't have to be a new product. There is a big market for used, completely intact items. What is bought used does not have to be produced separately. That saves resources.


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