Three Questions for Dr Stefan Bund

In the rubric "Three Questions for", we ask one of our colleagues three short questions about importance of sustainability: in the financial industry and at SDG INVESTMENTS. This time we talk to Dr Stefan Bund, Partner SDG INVESTMENTS.

Many people associate sustainability primarily with topics such as reducing plastic, phasing out coal and electromobility. But what is the importance of the finance and insurance industry?

- To achieve the United Nations' sustainability goals, more than US$ 3 trillion must be invested every year until 2030. This is a sum that cannot be covered by public funds alone, and private investors should and want to contribute as well. Institutional investors are by default suited to bundle and invest private capital for the purpose of sustainable use of funds. We at SDG INVESTMENTS identify, analyse and present suitable investments, thus helping institutional investors to find economically viable and ecologically and socially sustainable investment opportunities.

SDG INVESTMENTS only accepts and facilitates only sustainable projects. Why is it important for companies to also emphasise sustainability on a personal level?

- A business model can only be convincingly sustainable if the acting people live in the spirit of  sustainability and behave sustainably both within as well as outside of their business organisation. Real sustainability begins in the minds of the acting people, and they live their vision and mission by walking the talk.

You yourself, but also the employees of SDG INVESTMENTS, are very involved in the social sector. Are there any projects that you are particularly proud of?

- The future of our planet belongs to our children and future generations. To implement the SDGs by 2030 is as much an obligation towards them as it is motivation for us to give them a liveable future. That is why I am particularly involved in projects with children and young people, such as giving lessons as part of The World's Largest Lesson and in various master courses at the university.


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