SDG Investments invests in Berlin-based fintech startup "u impact“

Berlin-based impact4good GmbH is developing a user-friendly interface under the u impact brand that allows investors to manage their investments according to the topics close to their hearts - such as, climate protection or social justice. By selecting a topic, the user triggers an algorithm which will select sustainable investment funds suitable for the investor.

Almost one in two Germans identifies social and environmental sustainability as the most important aspect of a financial investment. At the same time, many investors find the range of available investment products intransparent and confusing. In Germany alone, there are over 14,000 investment funds on offer. Most customers do not or only very reluctantly deal with the search for suitable investments. impact4good has addressed this problem and found a solution with its u impact product.

SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH from Frankfurt am Main is the first and exclusive seed investor in impact4good, acting as a catalyst for the implementation of the solution. At the same time, impact4good gains an experienced, strategic partner through which the company gains access to a large universe of fund managers.

In addition to direct access for private investors, impact4good will make its selection tool also available to retail banks in a white label version, and promising talks are already underway across Europe. "Retail banks and other intermediaries are welcoming us with open arms," says Lesley Li, one of the three founders of impact4good. "With SDG INVESTMENTS, we now have an experienced partner on board who will support our further product development and provide systematic access to fund managers whose products we will offer to the retail market via our selection tool."

"We are pleased to be able to participate in impact4good. We were immediately impressed by the team at our first meeting.  So far, we have only addressed institutional investors who invest in sustainability issues with our offering. With our investment in impact4good GmbH and the active cooperation resulting from it, we will be able to also serve retail investors. u impact has the potential to revolutionize the way ordinary investors will invest their money in the future," says Frank Ackermann, Managing Partner of SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH.

About impact4good GmbH (u impact)

impact4good GmbH was founded in 2020 by the three partners Lesley Li, Dr. Clemens Chaskel and Alistair Hume.  The company aims to make impact investing accessible to every private investor. Among many other awards, impact4good GmbH was named one of the most promising impact focused FinTech start-ups in Germany in 2021 by representatives of the German banking sector.





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