SDG INVESTMENTS exceeds the EUR 100 million threshold

The new digital matching platform for sustainable financial projects reaches a project volume of EUR 124 million

Frankfurt  – The matching platform SDG INVESTMENTS reached its first major milestone. Only five months after the official incorporation of SDG Investments GmbH in September 2017 the company generated a project volume of EUR 124 million. Investment demand already exceeds EUR 300 million and potential demand is estimated at well above EUR 1 billion.

SDG INVESTMENTS accurately matches sustainable financial projects with potential investors. To achieve this objective the founders developed a digital platform which allows investors to register their investment criteria. Following registration, investors receive information on matching investable financial products. The platform targets institutional investors such as Family Offices, Sustainability Funds, Foundations or Pension Funds. SDG INVESTMENTS increases both the transparency and efficiency during the selection and investment process for the growing asset class of sustainable investments. Current projects comprise bonds issued by nextbike, operator of bike sharing systems, and Africa GreenTec, operator of mobile solar power plants in Southern Mali, as well as loans for waste to energy biogas projects in Asia. Only financial products contributing to achieve at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations will be shown on the platform.

SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH was founded in September 2017 as a spin-off from AHP Capital Management GmbH. At this point AHP Capital Management GmbH already structured several investment products with a sustainability focus. The SDG INVESTMENTS team consists of ex-investment bankers Bettina Gereth, Frank Ackermann and Björn Schuck, and the former head of Moody’s Analytics Deutschland GmbH Lars Hunsche. The founding partners have decades of experience in investment banking and credit risk evaluation.

“Our goal is to make SDG INVESTMENTS the leading matching platform for projects and financial products which use the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as the common standard“, says co-founder Frank Ackermann. “A systematic process ensures that all projects shown on the SDG INVESTMENTS platform clearly comply with the SDGs“. The selection process includes a financial feasibility analysis and an assessment of the SDG impact of the projects undertaken by the research agency imug Beratungsgesellschaft für sozial-ökologische Innovationen mbH.

“The platform is unique in Europe“, says Frank Ackermann. To date, a large number of sustainable projects worldwide face a continuously growing but often unstructured demand of potential investors. “The digital platform SDG INVESTMENTS bridges the gap between SDG compliant projects and institutional investors. The matching platform provides significant added value in terms of structured access to relevant projects and financial products“, states Lars Hunsche. 

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