SDG INVESTMENTS digitise market for sustainable bonds

With its platform extension “SDG pro”, Frankfurt-based SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH digitise the placement and investment process in sustainable bonds and improve liquidity in this asset class by creating a secondary market.

"To further increase efficiency in primary and secondary market transactions in sustainable bonds, we have expanded our successful SDG INVESTMENTS® Matching platform by an interactive order book, thus digitizing the whole process of selling and buying the bonds. The service supports issuers, placement agents and institutional investors in their issuance and trading activities in this asset class. To start with, more than 30 sustainable mid-market bonds are listed on SDG pro and can be traded through the platform. We are thus creating a secondary market in this rather illiquid asset class," says Stefan Bund, Partner at SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH.

Advantages for issuers
SDG pro is the digital platform for the entire structuring and placement process of a bond. The offer is especially aimed at medium-sized companies that want to raise funding through a bond issuance. SDG pro provides immediate access to a network of active and vetted institutional investors, allowing to monitor and manage the placement process in an efficient manner. The digital process and an intuitive interface ensure a transparent and seamless execution.

Advantages for investors
SDG pro is the digital platform for investments in sustainable mid-market bonds. It not only provides access to a wide range of bonds, but also market data and latest information about the issuer. An investor can reserve or order new issuance with just a few clicks. In the secondary market, investors can offer their own positions for sale or register interest in bonds that have already been issued.

Advantages for placement agents
SDG pro provides digital access to a broad range of institutional investors. Combined with the automated execution of subscriptions and orders, it increases efficiency of the process and successful placement of the bonds. On the dashboard one can maintain an overview of the placement progress, while in the case of distribution by several placement agents, synchronise the process amongst the parties involved.


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