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Sustainability report proved to be key success factor : SDG INVESTMENTS introduced HYLEA GROUP to imug rating

With the support of SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH, HYLEA GROUP fully placed its €20 million bond with institutional investors. The bond proceeds will be used for the production of Brazil nuts, Chia seeds and wild cocoa in Bolivia and other South American countries and the sale of these organic products. Oliver Schneider, HYLEA GROUP Investor Relations Manager, confirmed in an interview with the Anleihen Finder that focus on sustainability was one of the key success factors in fully placing the bond despite initial scepticism among potential investors.

HYLEA has a 100-year-history of Brazil nuts production in Bolivia and is now one of the world's six largest exporters of Brazil nuts. Brazil nut trees can only flower, pollinate and form new fruits in a healthy rainforest ecosystem. A large part of the local population make a living from harvesting Brazil nuts. For generations, the Hecker family has addressed the concerns of the local population. They built a school, an infirmary and a solar plant with a capacity of 1 MW. As one of the largest employers in the region, the Hecker family provides employment and income in this rural area. This makes HYLEA GROUP an excellent example of a company having implemented the concept of sustainability for many years. Although ecological and social issues have always been part of HYLEA operations, it was initially necessary to evaluate their positive impact in an objective manner prior to approaching potential investors. 

SDG INVESTMENTS GmbH contributed to the successful bond placement by bringing HYLEA together with the Hanover based sustainability rating agency imug | rating. imug assigned a very strong sustainability impact. Mr. Schneider confirmed that the imug report was decisive for the understanding of investors that the bond not only yields a financial return, but also actively protects the environment and improves the living conditions of the local population. Furthermore, the imug report allowed sustainability funds such as SKALIS Evolution Flex to invest in the bond. Therefore, identifiying and evaluating both the successful economic and ecological activities of HYLEA, was important for the successful bond placement .

SDG INVESTMENTS believes that the 17 SDGs provide a unique framework for promoting sustainable investments by matching companies and project initiators with investors. These goals can be easily understood and enable entrepreneurs to better communicate sustainability issues. This has been demonstrated by the successful placement of the HYLEA bond. We are in discussions with numerous project initiators and companies in order to offer more sustainable investment opportunities to institutional investors via the SDG INVESTMENTS platform.



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