Increase of existing mezzanine facility

We are happy to announce the increase of the existing mezzanine facility of EUR 47.2 million arranged for Connected Infrastructure Capital GmbH (CIC) last year by another EUR 8.8 million. The funds have been provided by an international institutional investor and enable CIC to expand its existing portfolio by acquiring two operating windfarms in the Netherlands and one operating windfarm in Germany.

“At SDG INVESTMENTS we are happy to have been able to support CIC in the execution of its growth strategy by facilitating this additional funding. We would like to thank Mr. Heimes, Mr. Rieks and the whole team at CIC for the fruitful cooperation and look forward to realize further joint transactions.”, says Dr. Stefan Bund, Partner at SDG INVESTMENTS.

Commenting on this transaction, Martin Heimes, Founding Partner of CIC, says: „The additional funds have allowed us to remain agile in a competitive market environment and thus, expand our portfolio by a total capacity of 20.5 MW. All assets benefit from government support schemes providing an attractive and reliable cash flow in a rapidly changing market.”

Adding to this, Hans-Joern Rieks, Founding Partner of CIC, comments: “The progress we achieve together with SDG INVESTMENTS continues to be dynamic, strengthening our relationship with institutional investors. This transaction marks another important milestone and sustains our growth trajectory.”


About Connected Infrastructure Capital

Connected Infrastructure Capital GmbH (“CIC”) has long-standing commercial and technical expertise in renewable energies in Europe. The company is specialized in structuring financing solutions in the renewable energy sector, focusing on the acquisition and management of approved wind farm projects and existing, high-yield wind energy facilities. The founders of CIC have already completed more than 900 MW of renewable energy projects in the USA, France, Denmark and Germany.


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