How Family Offices can get involved in impact investing - Introducing The Impact Club

The business world is increasingly participating in Impact Investing, a way to bring balance between profit and sustainability. Investors are realizing that it is up to us to ensure that growth is in harmony with human life, the environment and the planet.

One such initiative is   The Impact Club  founded by the Glatz Family who is committed to building a sustainable, more equitable future for coming generations. They believe that cooperation among families and between diverse stakeholder groups is crucial to help those less privileged. Hence they promote partnership programs and invite investors to co-invest with them in being a catalyst for impact.

(MARKETCURRENTS) spoke to Ulrike Glatz, who looks after Strategy and Partnerships at The Impact Club, after her return from the World Economic Forum at Davos, where she was involved in several discussions and panels on Impact Investing and social change.


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