FintechWorld 23: SDG INVESTMENTS wins in the category "Sustainability"

SDG INVESTMENTS participated in FintechWorld23 in Berlin on 18 & 19 April. The event, organised by BANKING CLUB, is a meeting place for over 100 fintech companies to network, exchange ideas and present their innovative solutions in elevator pitches to high-ranking juries and the professional audience. The team from SDG INVESTMENTS was able to convince the jury of its business concept and take first place in the "Sustainability" theme world.

Frank Ackermann, Managing Partner, emphasises: "We are very pleased about this award and it shows that we are right on target with our approach of making sustainable investment opportunities more easily and efficiently accessible to institutional investors via a digital platform. To receive this feedback in the context of an event where we were surrounded by many very innovative and smart fintech solutions means a lot to us. It shows that it makes a lot of sense to leave your own ecosystem every now and then and dive into another one."


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