Africa Greentec wins energy prize of the state of Hessia

Africa GreenTec won the energy prize of the state of Hessia. The Hessian Ministry of Economics awards this prize to projects and companies that contribute to achieving a secure, environmentally friendly, affordable and socially acceptable energy supply. 

Torsten Schreiber, founder and CEO of Africa GreenTec: "We finance our investments with a bond. This means that investors here in Germany can invest directly in the power plants, which we then build locally, and people pay in advance for their electricity, which we then use to repay the investors." SDG INVESTMENTS® is responsible for structuring and placement of the Africa GreenTec bond. For more details please contact us:

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Strauß, Deputy Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE), on the reasoning for the award: "This project was particularly convincing because it applies an holistic approach and the technical concept is also very conclusive [...] In addition, the demand was also particularly convincing. The demand for electrification in Africa is enormous and we need solutions that work on their own and function sustainably. [...] The service that is provided here is simply the supply of electrical power at decentralized locations [...] and therefore the service is actually very clear from the beginning [...] We finally have a solution here that provides very cost-efficient electricity and with such a system we can supply power with generation costs below those of conventional solutions."

(c) 2018 Photo HA, Nina Skripietz


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