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Over the last 35 years, the Peace Boat has accomplished over 100 voyages around the World. World peace, human rights and the preservation of the environment are at the core of the messages the Peace Boat movement is spreading. In 2020 the old Peace Boat is to be replaced by the revolutionary Ecoship. We talked to the founder and visionary of Peace Boat, Yoshioka Tatsuya.

The project, like everything Yoshioka Tatsuya has done so far, is breath-taking. The design of the new ship, reminiscent of a blue whale, is unmistakable. The Peace boat is the ambassador of the Sustainable Development goals. If you decide to travel for the 100 days, you will be confronted with the topics of the global goals in every form. Workshops, presentations, lectures and some different kinds of tours are on the agenda.

It is still predominantly Japanese and other tourists from Asia who take advantage of this offer. Once on the ship, they will not be able to leave for the entire journey of 100 days, apart from the land excursions. Some of the guests will have learned a new language. Others will have seen the consequences of climate change with their own eyes. All certainly have a new perception of the state in which the world is in and hopefully leave the ship with new ideas on how to make the World a better place.

This first meeting with Mr. Tatsuya impressed us and we will support this project with our SDG INVESTMENTS platform. We are happy to discuss the Peace Boat Ecoship project with everyone who is interested. More information about the Peace Boat Ecoship Project can be found here.

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